Schedule an Appointment

Currently, Dr. Perkins is only scheduling phone consultations.

You can SCHEDULE ONLINE from this website or call 859-277-5255.

Please read the following instructions BEFORE scheduling an appointment:

Dr. Perkins offers several TESTING OPTIONS that can be helpful in evaluating your health concerns. Testing before your appointment can save time and expense on follow-up appointments. NOTE: the Comprehensive Blood Analysis and/or Hair Mineral Analysis are the most important tests you can do. Both require a pre-payment.

Please gather any prior lab reports that may be helpful to Dr. Perkins in evaluating your health concerns. You can upload these documents when you book online or email them to

If you are a new patient  and do not choose to schedule your appointment from our website, you must complete the following Intake Form and email it ASAP to BEFORE your appointment time: Intake Form

If you are ready to Schedule an Appointment Online, select the type of appointment below (Initial or Follow-up) that includes selected testing options (select the TESTING OPTIONS tab for further information on each test). 

NOTE: At this time, we do not require full payment for the consultation and optional testing, but If you selected a Comprehensive Blood Analysis and/or a Hair Mineral Analysis, you MUST pre-pay for these tests before the requisition/test kit can be sent to you. In this case, you may submit payment for these tests and the remaining balance one week before your scheduled appointment.  

Cancellations: Appointments must be cancelled at least 1 week in advance or your appointment fee cannot be refunded. In case of an extreme emergency, please call 859-277-5255 or email Dr. Perkins at for possible exceptions.

Payment Options: Payment can be made on this website or my calling 859-277-5255.

Patient phone calls and emails: Our patient support is very limited. If you have a VERY BRIEF question or concern, you can call 859-277-5255. Please do not expect an immediate response. If our support policy is a problem for you, then you will need to seek help elsewhere.

Emergencies and concerns: If you experience any urgent concerns, it is important to consult your medical doctor or hospital. If your concerns are not an emergency, please reduce or stop the recommendations that Dr. Perkins has suggested to you and schedule an appointment to discuss your options.

Follow-up Consultations: It is important to schedule follow-up consultations and laboratory re-testing to monitor and discuss your progress and any concerns you may have. Dr. Perkins will suggest a follow-up schedule and re-testing appropriate for your individual needs.

Supplements: Please refer to the Supplement Option above for information on ordering supplements.